Monday, May 22, 2006

Birthday Blues

As my birthday rapidly approaches I am somewhat overcome with the reality of growing older. We will have reached retirement age shortly before she graduates from college. Most college grads, return home for a few years but I'm not really concerned about that. I'm more concerned with how much I'll still be able to do with her and will I still be admired by her or an embarrassment to her. When most people age they think of how they will look, their appearance. Will they still be attractive, or will they be a shriveled up prune. I'm more concerned with the energy or lack of it by the time she graduates. I know there's a strong possibility I may not be around by the time she marries, but if I am I would still like to dance with her (walker and all).

So I've took it upon myself to shed my excess pounds and build up my muscle tone. I'm trying to eat healthy and exercise every day so that I increase my energy level. Something that shouldn't be too difficult but now that my little one is about to faze out one of her naps it will give me a little less time for myself around the house. Now she's in a very clingy stage so I won't be able to leave her with anyone either so the challenge is exercising with her in the vicinity I know weights are out so calesthenics might be an option for starters.


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